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Organ Donation Facts vs. Myths May 4, 2022

Organ Donation is surrounded by facts and myths, as this topic can lead to a lot of miscommunication and misinformation. Staying informed can not only make this decision easier, but it can also help others make an informed decision as well. Having the right information is crucial, as 106,644 men, women and children are on the national transplant waiting list and 17 people die each day waiting for an organ transplant. Let’s dive deeper into the facts vs. myths of organ donation.

Myth or Fact?

You must be 18+ to register as an organ donor.

This is a FACT with an exception! All adults in the U.S. can register to become an organ donor. While in some states those under 18 can register, authorization by a parent or guardian is usually necessary to become an actual donor. Newborns to senior citizens have become organ donors if those under 18 get a parent or guardians authorization.

Myth or Fact?

To register as an organ donor, I must be in the healthiest shape of my life.

This is a MYTH! Regardless of past illness, anyone can register as an organ donor. Organ donation is based on the health of your organs at the time of death and their physical condition.

Myth or Fact?

If I register as a donor, the hospitals won’t try to save my life as they want my organs.

This is a MYTH! Hospitals will do everything they can to save your life, as that team is separate from the transplant team. Every effort is made before donation becomes a possibility.

Myth or Fact?

If I register as an organ donor, the cost of the donation is sent to the recipient.

This is a FACT! The donor and their family do not acquire any costs for the donation, as the recipient is the one who pays for the costs related with insurance.

Myth or Fact?

Once I register as a donor, I am unable to change my mind.

This is a MYTH! If you register as a donor and change your mind, you can opt-out. All you have to do is update your status if you register on your state’s site or if you register at the DMV, you will need to update your license at your local motor vehicle office.

Why you should think about donating:

After reviewing the myths vs. facts of organ donation, you now are able to make an informed decision to register as a donor. One donor can save up to 8 different lives, which is why organ donation is crucial. In our previous blog, we discussed step-by-step how to register. Becoming a donor is support by 97% of adults support organ donation, but only 48% is registered as donors.

If you cannot become a donor, here’s another option:

If you do not want to register as a donor but still want to help, please consider making a financial contribution. Your contribution goes towards; raising awareness about organ donation and transplantation, sending out donor cards and encouraging others to make this life changing decision. Any amount is appreciated!

Remember, having the right facts is the best way to make this decision easier. To register as a donor, view our step-by-step guide in our blog. If you cannot register as a donor, please consider making a financial contribution.