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4 Types of Organ and Tissue Donation

Through the selfless act of organ and tissue donation, you can give the gift of life and offer hope to the more than 105,000 men, women and children on the national transplant waiting list. In the United States, there’s a dire need for donated organs and tissues. Tissue donation not…...

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3 Reasons to Consider Organ Donation

The number of people who need a lifesaving transplant continues to increase, faster than the number of available organs. Although nearly 97% of American adults support organ donation, only 48% are actually registered to become an organ donor. One explanation for this disparity is because organ donation is riddled with…...

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Organ Donation Facts vs. Myths

Organ Donation is surrounded by facts and myths, as this topic can lead to a lot of miscommunication and misinformation. Staying informed can not only make this decision easier, but it can also help others make an informed decision as well. Having the right information is crucial, as 106,644 men,…...

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Giving the Gift of Life through Organ Donation

There are 106,644 men, women and children on the national transplant waiting list. That is someone’s mother, father, daughter, etc. What if that was your family? Would you be motivated to sign up as an organ donor? Or motivated to make a financial contribution? At Organ Donation and Transplant Association,…...

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